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Get Your Free Trek's Women's Ride Guide!

Ladies, come pick up Trek's WSD Ride Guide!Trek loves women cyclists and so do we! So we're happy to announce that their new Women's Ride Guide is here. It helps you find the perfect bike and offers excellent tips and stories about women cyclists of all backgrounds. Come pickup a free copy and if you have any questions or want to test ride a bike, we're here to help!

Your Custom Trek Bicycle Starts Here!

Choose a Trek bicycle model to start. Pick your favorite bicycle components! Colors and graphics—the choice is yours! Your bicycle is fit to you!
Start your custom bicycle by choosing one of Trek's elite frame models, the Madone, Domane, Speed Concept, Superfly or Fuel EX. Next, select every detail to your liking, from the wheelset and components, to the saddle and cable housing. We also have preconfigured combinations. Thousands of colors and design schemes, from boldly simple to outrageously cool, are brought to life by Trek's artists.  The right fit is everything. We will help you select your ideal geometry and sizing for the ultimate performance and comfort.

Join the fun.....Join our team at Y-Not.

Are you passionate about cycling? Do you enjoy sharing this love with others? We may have the perfect job for you! Submit your application on-line using the link located on this page!

Trade Up To A New Bicycle!

Trade in your old bicycle and get a new one with our Trade-Up service!

Dreaming of a new bicycle? Trade up and it can be yours! Bring in your old bicycle so we can check it out. If it qualifies, we'll give you a quote and offer you in-store credit, and you can peruse our excellent selection of new rides. You'll be riding a beautiful new bike in no time! Here's how:

  • Bring in the bike you want to trade in.
  • Let us assess your used bicycle.
  • Pick out your new bike.
  • Get instant credit from your trade-in.
  • Enjoy your new bicycle!

Explore With Trek Travel!

Life's too short to stay indoors. With a myriad of destinations and a plethora of intriguing activities to choose from, a Trek Explorer vacation is the perfect cure for the modern blues. For the trip of a lifetime, choose Trek Travel!

Your Clipless Pedal And Shoe Headquarters!


Did you know that one of the best ways to ride more efficiently is to use clipless pedals and compatible cycling shoes? They work as a system, connecting your feet to the pedals so that you can apply power throughout the entire pedal stroke, not just when you’re pushing down. They’re easy and fun to use too. We have a wide selection in both our Lexington/Mansfield and Mount Vernon location and would enjoy helping you go clipless!

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Your Dream Ride Starts With Project One!

We turn your fantasy into reality with Trek's Project One custom-bike program! You choose the frame, the paint, the components, wheels, and more, and ride away on a bike like no other! Check with us for all the details or click here to start your dream!

Today's Tip

It's easy to understand why cyclists often forget to apply sunscreen. The air is moving over your skin as you ride, giving you a cool, comfortable feeling. Yet, since rides can take an hour to several hours to complete, this cooling breeze is fooling your senses. Your exposure to the sun is still as damaging as if you were lying on the beach for that same amount of time. Only, on the beach at least you'd turn over or get in the shade when you've had enough. On the bike, the same parts are exposed for the entire time you're riding, with little or no relief. From your neck and shoulders to your arms, legs, and your nose, all exposed areas need sunscreen to shield you from the damaging UV rays. Even on cloudy days you still need protection. Carry sunscreen with you and reapply as you need it.

Cycling Glossary - Word of the Day

Also called "solvent," this is a spray or drip liquid that penetrates and cuts built-up grime and grease. It's great for cleaning drivetrain components.

Fuel Your Rides

You have a bike, you’ve been riding, and are ready to test out longer distances…perhaps try a group ride or even register for the Pedal to the Point MS150. Before you commit to a full day of riding, don’t forget to bring fuel and hydration on your journey!

Your body needs calories to regulate temperature, to keep your heart, brain and lungs working, and to fuel your legs to power through. The cliche “you are what you eat” rings true. Based on my stupidity and experiences as a casual bike rider and commuter, this is where I make most of my mistakes. Sometimes it’s not the strength, endurance, mental focus, bike weight, or even technical skills keeping you from your best. It’s about feeding yourself properly and timely.

Everyone is different, your nutrition needs will differ from day to day. In general, eating and drinking on the bike goes like this:

  • Drink one bottle of water per hour on the bike. Bring more than you think you should. When you get tired or get a break at a stop light- Drink!
  • Drink more water than electrolyte mix. You need both, but more water is better.
  • Eat about 100 calories per hour on the bike.
  • Gels, gummies, bars and Snickers are more easily digested than fried chicken or a cheeseburger super sized. Our muscles use glycogen first to function. When glycogen runs out, protein gets used next. Proteins are muscles being burned for fuel, that’s not the best source.
  • Sports drinks with electrolytes will help balance and replenish all that has been sweated out. If you get leg cramps you will have to find the right sports drink or electrolyte tabs to keep your legs moving.

Y-Not Cycling stocks up on Nuun, Hammer, Skratch, CLIF, Honey Stinger, and Gu products. Come by and fuel up.


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